9 November 2021

Vacancy at TU Eindhoven, Department of the Built Environment

The Department of the Built Environment at TU Eindhoven has a vacancy for a two-year Post-doctoral researcher conducting quantitative research into housing aspirations and new living concepts. The post-doc will work as part of the regional Urban Development Initiative, Future-proof Housing and Building Program, in close collaboration with societal partners. The researcher is expected to conduct empirical research as well as contribute to grant applications, publications, and outreach.
The position is open until latest December 10, 2021. Interviews will be conducted immediately, until a suitable candidate is found. The full text of the vacancy can be found here.
For more details, please contact Dr. Oana Druta.

1 November 2021

Housing Journal Podcast

Launched in 2018, the Housing Journal Podcast this regular podcast series features more than 40 interviews with authors publishing in the journals Housing Theory and Society, Housing Studies and the International Journal of Housing Policy. 
The podcast is produced by Dallas Rogers (Sydney University), with Julie Lawson (RMIT University), Beth Watts (Herriot Watt University) and Emma Power (University of Western Sydney). 14 episodes strong, and growing, feature research articles, book reviews and up and coming conferences.
Interviewees include Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Mark Stephens, Desire Fields, Erik Swyngedouw, David Clapham, Jie Chen, Hannu Ruonavaara,  Maurie Cohen and many others, discussing topics such as financialization, homelessness, activism, climate change, comparative theories, social justice, as well as publishing tips from editors and much more. 
The Housing Journal Podcast can be found here. Follow Twitter @housingtheory for alerts of the latest podcast. Or contact Julie Lawson to contribute to the podcast.

12 May 2021

Vacancy at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies 

The Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at Politecnico di Milano is looking for a Visiting Professor in ‘Contemporary City: Descriptions and Projects’. The visiting professor will be in charge of lecturing one full course for the period of her/his visiting position, developing autonomous research at the department, joining seminars and academic venues.
The course is offered at the second semester to first year Master students of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design. The course will be taught in English,
The Politecnico di Milano is one of the leading technical universities in Europe.
Deadline for submission is 31 May. More information available here.

12 May 2021

Call for papers on housing inequality: causes and potential solutions

Special issue editors Joris Hoekstra and Martina Gentili (both ENHR members) produced a call for input for Sustainability’s special issue on ‘housing inequality: causes and potential solutions’. They welcome papers that deal with (elements of) the following two research questions.
1. How does the interplay beween international, national, and local actors and processes result in housing inequality, empirically but also theoretically?
2. Which new housing solutions (government policies, social innovations, civil society initiatives) can (potentially) combat the different forms of housing inequality, thereby resulting in housing systems that are more affordable, socially sustainable, and inclusive? What is the rationale underlying these solutions? How have they been developed? To what extent are these solutions transferable to other contexts?
Submission deadline is 31 May 2022.
Click here for more information and submission instructions.

27 April 2021

Vacancy at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR), University of Cambridge

ENHR’s Institutional Member The University of Cambridge is looking for a mixed methods housing and planning researcher (PhD or close to completion) with an excellent understanding of the UK housing market and/or the UK planning system or with equivalent relevant experience.
You will work on research grant applications, desk-based reviews, data collection and analysis, writing outputs, and dissemination of research findings to different audiences, including through reports and academic publications. You will often be working on more than one research project at a time. In addition to academic research, we also undertake policy and practice focused consultancy research.
For more details, visit the University of Cambridge’s recruitment pages here. The closing date for applications is 26 May 2021.

9 April 2021

Vacancy at Glasgow University

Glasgow University (ENHR member), Urban Studies, School of Social and Political Sciences, College of Social Sciences is looking for a professor of Urban Analytics. Find job details here. For more information contact prof. Nick Bailey.
The closing date for applications is 3 May 2021.

30 March 2021

Call for Journal of Urban Affairs book reviewers

The Journal of Urban Affairs is looking for book reviewers. Why do book reviews? (1) It helps you stay on top of your field. (2) It helps improve your writing skills. (3) It helps strengthen your CV.
Established scholars, newly minted assistant professors, skilled doctoral students, and practitioners are all welcome to join. The book review editors David P. Varady and Leah Hollstein have a significant number of books available for review. They will match them with reviewers on a “first come, first served” basis. 
Send an e-mail to David Varady indicating your areas of interest.

3 March 2021


Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Urban and Regional Planning (5-year position) at the School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy of University College Dublin

Clusters of research interests:
• Development & Design: including housing, urban regeneration, urban design, regional innovation, community planning, heritage, smart cities, transportation.
• Environment and Planning: including planning and sustainability, the urban environment, rural planning, cities and noise and air pollution, green infrastructure, health/wellbeing and planning.

Closing date: 16 March 2021, 17:00 hrs (local Irish time).
More information here.  

3 February 2021

Call for Papers

Online symposium Houses of Cards? The Rules and Institutions of Housing Illegality in Western Countries 19-30 April 2021

This symposium aims at investigating different kinds of housing illegality in the West (Europe, Americas and Australasia) from the viewpoint of their interaction with the broader institutional framework in which they are situated. The multifaceted connection of informal practices in the field of housing with different layers of both public (e.g. planning and building laws, practice by street-level bureaucrats) and non-public (e.g. informal rules established by criminal organisations, shared social norms in specific informal environment institutions), and the resulting politics of housing informality are under scrutiny in particular.
Contributions reflecting on the changing nature of housing illegality and meanings of legal housing at times of global pandemic would also be considered.
A smaller in-person workshop is planned to take place at the University of Cambridge in late 2021.
Abstracts up to 250 words, together with author/s names, affiliations and contact information: 28th February 2021 to Sabina Maslova ( and Francesco Chiodelli

3 February 2021


6 Early-Stage (PhD) Researcher positions Affordability & Sustainability
Project: RE-DWELL: Delivering affordable and sustainable housing in Europe
Affordability and sustainability of housing are regarded as complementary and interrelated aspects which are addressed in the project from different academic and non-academic perspectives.
Funding: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Action – Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) (1.10.2020-30.9.2024)
Deadline: open until 19 February 2021
Contact persons: indicated for each vacancy

20 October 2020


Editorship of The Journal of Urban Affairs
The Urban Affairs Association (UAA) invites proposals for the Editorship of The Journal of Urban Affairs (the JUA) for an initial contract term of 5 years (July 2021 – June 2026). 
Applicants must be individual members of the Urban Affairs Association in good standing, who can demonstrate significant publication experience, intellectual breadth and depth in the area of urban affairs, and strong administrative and organizational skills. UAA is open to applications that involve an individual editor, or co-editors. All journal submission and review communications are conducted electronically.
Deadline Letter of intent = 16 November 2020
Deadline full proposal = 1 February 2021
For general questions and inquiries contact Dr. Margaret Wilder, UAA Executive Director.
More information here.

23 September 2020


BUILD: New Department of the Built Environment at Aalborg University
BUILD (Department of the Built Environment) is the new research institute at Aalborg University. It is a result of the merger between the Department of Civil Engineering and the Danish Building Research Institute; a longtime ENHR-member. It is Denmark’s largest department in construction, civil engineering and the built environment.
The research at the Department of the Built Environment is rooted in the field of engineering, but it also contains important and comprehensive elements from the social sciences and the humanities. This allows us to research, advice and educate a holistic approach to the complex issues of the urban, residential and construction area. The Department of the Built Environment will provide knowledge so that we can help solve some of society’s biggest challenges such as the climate crisis, population development, resource scarcity and urbanization.
The Department has more than 250 employees located in both Aalborg and Copenhagen. They cover research within a range of fields from urban water pollution, urban soil, sustainable cities and everyday practices, freight transport, traffic, road modelling, universal design and accessibility as well as transformation of housing and places. While some of these themes seem quite far from the main fields of Housing Research, the variety of our research enables us to work across fields and disciplines to help solve the key challenges of todays societies.
Visit BUILD here.

23 September 2020

Special Issue of Energies on ‘Business Models for Energy Renovation of Residential Buildings’
The aim of this special issue is to gather knowledge of and experience with respect to business models for energy renovations, including analysis of household behavior, supply-side issues, energy performance contract, district level renovation, role of public authorities, financing aspects, policy perspective, transition management, or any other aspect related to business models.
Co-guest editor Dr. Erwin Mlecnik (TU Delft and ENHR member).
Deadline = 10 May 2021.
Find more journal info here.

6 July 2020

New Working Group: Housing and New Technology
Michel Vols and Rosa Garcia-Teruel are the coordinators of a new ENHR Working Group Housing and new technologies.
New technologies, such as big data analysis, blockchain, crowdfunding, the internet of things, domotics, robotics, proptech or digital printing are expected to make an impact on housing itself as well as the theories and methodologies that housing researchers use in their research projects. These new technologies change the way we build, sell, rent or interact with our homes. By way of example, it is now possible to sell a property just attaching a certain right (e.g. the ownership) to a digital token, and transmitting immediately this token to another person. But while these technologies are facilitating our lives, some challenges and open questions arise: are these technologies going to change the way in which we conceive housing? What are the legal and ethical risks for citizens? Can digital printing reduce building costs without reducing the quality of the construction? What are the major benefits of using these tools? How could data science techniques contribute to housing research?
Taking into account that new technologies are increasing attention of scholars and professionals in the field of housing, this working group aims to promote dialogues and discussions on the impact of new technologies on housing (research) from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.
Some themes of this Working Group are: Big data analysis and housing (research), Distributed ledger technologies (blockchain) in housing, Real estate crowdfunding, Proptech, Housing digital printing, Internet of Things, robots and connected devices in homes, 5G Networks in housing, Applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the housing sector and housing research, Interconnected (smart) cities.
Taking into account the COVID-19 and subsequent travelling restrictions, the coordinators propose for the following academic term an online webinar to officially create the Working Group and participation at the ENHR Conference in 2021 in Nicosia (Cyprus).

11 June 2020

Call for papers

Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City
This new journal, sponsored by the Urban Affairs Association, now accepts manuscripts for review. Publisher Taylor & Francis will treat the inaugural issue as open-source, making all manuscripts available online.
Deadline = open
Contacts: Yasminah Beebeejaun, University College London (United Kingdom) and Ali Modarres, University of Washington, Tacoma (USA).
E-mail =