ENHR Conferences

ENHR aims to organise a major conference every year. Each conference takes place in a different country and is organised by a Local Organising Committee (LOC). These conferences offer workshops, plenaries and excursions.

Impressions of the 2023 conference in Lodz (Poland) ‘Urban Regeneration – Shines and shadows’

Upcoming conferences

The 2024 conference will be held in Delft (The Netherlands) on 26-30 August.
Theme: “Making Housing Systems work: Evidence and solutions”. 
The conference will include a New Housing Researchers Colloquium on 26 August.

The 2025 New Housing Researchers online seminar will take place in March (two half-day sessions).

ENHR statement on in-person conferences
Face-to-face discussions are hard to duplicate online, and we believe that personal in-person interactions strengthen our network and can lead to important collaborations via better communication, and building stronger relations and trust. Place is central to what we study so we convene in a different European city every year, allowing scholars to engage with the local context of situate its housing in context.
We recognise that conferences have environmental implications and so are taking important steps to reduce our carbon footprint such as promoting sustainable travel and environmentally aware catering. 

Guidelines for conference organisers
For ENHR conferences guidelines are available. Applications will be evaluated by the Coordination Committee based on these guidelines.

Application form for conference organisers
For ENHR conferences guidelines are available. Applications will be evaluated by the Coordination Committee based on these guidelines.

Guidelines for conference papers
A set of guidelines is available for papers to be submitted for ENHR conferences.

Overview ENHR conferences

Impressions of the 2022 conference in Barcelona (Spain) 

2019 Athens (Greece)
Housing for the next European social model

2018 Uppsala (Sweden)
More together, more apart: Migration, desification and segregation

2017 Tirana (Albania)
Affordable housing for all! Redefining the role of public and private sectors

2016 Belfast (Northern Ireland)
Governance, Territory and Housing

2015 Lisbon (Portugal)
Housing and Cities in a time of change: are we focusing on People?

2014 Edinburgh (Scotland)
Beyond Globalisation. Remaking Housing Policy in a Complex World 

2013 Tarragona (Spain)
Overcoming the Crisis: integrating the urban environment

2012 Lillehammer (Norway)
Housing: Local Welfare and Local Markets in a Globalised World

2011 Toulouse (France)
“Mixité’: an urban and housing issues?

2010 Istanbul (Turkey)
Urban Dynamics and Housing Change

2009 Prague (Czech Republic)
Changing Housing Markets: Integration and Segregation

2008 Dublin (Ireland)
Shrinking Cities, Sprawling Suburbs, Changing Countrysides

2007 Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Sustainable Urban Areas

2006 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
           Housing in an Expanding Europe: Theory, Policy, Implementation and Participation

2005 Reykjavik (Iceland)
Housing in Europe: Challenges and Innovations

2004 Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Housing: Growth and Regeneration

2003 Tirana (Albania)
Making Cities Work

2002 Vienna (Austria)
Housing Cultures – Convergence and Diversity

2001 Pultusk (Poland)
Housing and Urban Development in New Europe

2000 Gävle (Sweden)
Housing in the 21st Century: Fragmentation and Reorientation

1999 Balatonfüred (Hungary)
New European Housing and Urban Policies

1998 Cardiff (United Kingdom)
Housing Futures: Renewal, Innovation and Sustainability

1997 Piran (Slovenia)
Housing in Transition

1996 Helsingør (Denmark)
Housing and European Integration

1994 Glasgow (United Kingdom)
Housing: Making the Connections

1993 Budapest (Hungary)
Housing Policy in Europe in the 1990s: Integration in the West, Transformation in the East

1992 The Hague (The Netherlands)
European Cities: Growth and Decline in the Netherlands

1991 Oslo (Norway)
Housing Policy as a Strategy for Change

1990 Paris (France)
Housing Debates – Urban Challenges

1989 Noszvaj (Hungary)
East European Housing Reform

1988 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Housing, Policy, and Urban Innovation (ENHR was established after this meeting)

1986 Gävle (Sweden)
International Research Conference on Housing Policy