Online Seminar

9-10 March 2023

Old factory area in Lodz (Poland) transformed into a new neighourhood.

Based on the success of the first seminar in March 2022 the ENHR Coordination Committee organises a second online seminar for new researchers on the 9th (1 pm – 5.30 pm CET) and 10th (8:30 am – 1 pm CET) of March 2023.

Invited to participate are PhD students as well as others that currently are not be at this stage but had the intention to embark on PhD studies in the future.

The key aims of the seminar are to:

How to register?
Potential participants are invited to submit a brief abstract of about 200 words to the ENHR Secretariat: (deadline 31 January 2023).
Abstracts should include a title, description of the work to be discussed highlighting topic, approach, method and results (if any) and name, affiliation and contact details of the author.

Since this is planned to be an in-between gathering, there was no requirement to submit a full paper. The abstract has to include the title, brief description of the work to be discussed and name of the author.
The seminar is free of charge and open also to those who wished to attend and participate in the discussions without submitting an abstract.