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The ENHR thus

Bylaws and Internal Rules

At the General Assembly of 30 August 2019, during the ENHR conference in Athens, a set of Bylaws and Internal Rules to replace the Charter was approved. The structure of ENHR, its goals, and the rights and obligations of all members, the Board and the General Assembly have been put down in detail in these two documents. Based on these, ENHR was officially registered as an association at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands on 7 October 2019.

Code of ethics

The ENHR is an inclusive and democratic organisation that exists to promote research in the area of housing. ENHR strives to bring together people, and accord to them equal respect regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, age, opinion, religious or sexual orientation. Consequently behaviour that can be construed as being discriminatory, offensive, predatory or bullying is inconsistent with ENHR’s ethos. Participants at ENHR sponsored activities are reminded that behaviour that respects their colleagues is fundamental to the network’s ethos. fundamental to the network’s ethos.