ENHR strengthens academic contacts

The European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) was established in 1988 to provide an organizational platform for institutions and individuals in (and outside) Europe, who are actively engaged in housing research. It now has about 150 individual members and nearly 500 employees from 75 institutional members, representing almost every country in Europe. Although ENHR is an European network, researchers from outside Europe are also very welcome to join.

ENHR brings housing researchers together

ENHR is the platform for young as well as experienced housing researchers and housing sector specialists to meet and discuss research approaches and outcome, compare housing policies in European countries, join forces in finding research funding and publication options in magazines and books ENHR aims to organise a major conference every year. These conferences offer workshops, plenaries and excursions.

ENHR members come from all over Europe

The network has members representing almost every country in Europe and a fair number of non-European countries. ENHR is where housing specialists from North and South, East and West should feel they are not in an isolated position but part of a housing research network that can bring their research efforts on a higher level. They meet during ENHR conferences and Working Groups througout the year in different parts of Europe.

ENHR has more than 25 Working Groups

About twenty-five Working Groups, ranging from Collaborative Housing to Welfare policy are active. Their purpose is to further research on particular topics in the field of housing and urban studies. Members of Working Groups represent a variety of academic disciplines. Working Groups organise meetings for their members at least once a year, discussing papers and books in progress. They usually host workshops  during the annual ENHR conferences.


What are the advantages of becoming a member?

Meeting many housing researchers, including PhDs and postdocs, enjoying a discount at ENHR and UAA conferences, finding research partners and co-authers.

I want to become a member. How can I apply?

You can become an individual member by signing up here
Make your employer an Institutional Member or Associate Institutional Member here.

When and where will the next annual conference be held?

Conferences are being announced on the website and
in the Newsletter.

How can I become a member of a Working Group?

You can contact the coordinators of the Working Group(s) of your choice (see Overview Working Groups). 

I don’t remember my login code. How to get a new one?

You can get a new login code here.

How can I apply for a post in the Coordination Committee?

CC elections take place every two years at even years. The elections and how to apply are being announced to the members by e-mail and published in the Newsletter.

What is the membership fee for individual and institutional members?

The membership fee can be found here.

How can I deliver news items and conference announcements?

You can send news items and Newsletter items to the ENHR secretariat, preferably with illustrations.