The activities of ENHR are concentrated around working groups and annual conferences.

Working Groups
The purpose of ENHR working groups is to further research on particular topics in the field of housing and urban studies. Members of working groups usually come from a variety of academic disciplines and from different parts of Europe and beyond. Many ENHR members participate in several working groups. They usually organize workshops at the annual ENHR conferences, and may also meet outside conferences.
Working groups organise meetings for their members at least once a year, discussing papers and books in progress and participation in conferences all over the world. The usually hold sessions during the annual ENHR conferences, hosting workshops for researchers presenting papers in various stages of completion.

ENHR aims to organise a major conference every year. Each conference takes place in a different country and is organised by a Local Organising Committee (LOC). These conferences offer workshops, plenaries and excursions.

New Housing Researchers Colloquium
A New Housing Researchers Colloquium (NHRC) takes place every other year before the main ENHR conference. It is primarily intended for researchers engaged in PhD studies on any housing related topic. The papers presented here are reviewed by highly experienced senior researchers who provide critical feedback and suggest improvements for achieving better scientific quality.

Bengt Turner Award
The Bengt Turner Award is awarded for the best ENHR annual conference paper by a new housing researcher. The aim of the award is to encourage new researchers to write papers on housing and urban issues linked to the topics of the ENHR working groups and to keep alive the memory of Bengt Turner, one of the founders of ENHR and its first chairman from 1988 to 2007.